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The team at San Francisco - Peninsula Energy Services bring over 139 years of collective experience serving low-income residents in San Francisco with LIHEAP Utility Payment Assistance and Energy Efficiency Services. These services were formerly available from the Economic Opportunities Council of San Francisco (EOCSF). San Francisco - Peninsula Energy Services is a part of Central Coast Energy Services.


Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program

The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) provides a one-time per calendar year credit on utility bills including gas and electric, wood and propane accounts and for those that have their utilities included in rent. Emergency assistance may be provided for households in danger of having their utilities disconnected (15-day/48-hour shutoff notices). 


Home Weatherization Program

The Home Weatherization program provides energy conservation measures for renter and owner occupied dwellings in an effort to reduce energy costs and improve health and safety. Weatherization services include an energy and safety audit and possible installation of windows, doors, furnace, water heater, attic and floor insulation, thermostat, carbon monoxide and smoke alarms, water conservation measures and more. 

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